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1949   born in Stuttgart (Germany)
1970   to 79 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Düsseldorf with the professors
           Joseph Beuys and Rolf Sackenheim
1975   to 79 Studies of  Art Science and Art Didactic
1977   Philosophikum
1978   Tutor of the class “Freie Graphik” (graphic arts)
1979   State`s exam

1972   Foundation of the group "Raum" with Wolfgang Herbst, Raphael Kleweta and
           Peter Theissen at Düsseldorf: Art performances in Münster, Hochdahl, Essen and
1973   in Soest and Mülheim/Ruhr
1975   Teacher of art at a high school in Mülheim/Ruhr
1975    to 80 Teacher at the Volkshochschule (evening-courses for adults), Mülheim/Ruhr
1976    Foundation of the producer gallery "Atelier in der Altstadt" with Klaus Urbons in
            Mülheim: Courses in graphic arts, exhibitions and Artothek.
1977    Opening of the own studio for graphic arts at Mülheim (etching, lithographie and
            wood- and linoleum-engraves)

1981    to 2006 living in Florence, Italy
1983    Director of the theaterminerie of an experimental theater project of the city of
1984    "Aquila" - theater-performance with Rosalba Bartolotti
1987    and 88 workshops in graphic arts in the own studio at S.Piero a Ponti (FI)
1989    to 2006 different works in different fields – First sculptures

2006    Opening of the own studio “Atelier für Freie Graphik” in Mülheim/Ruhr: Courses in
            graphic arts and exhibitions
2008    Premiere of the performance "Adler" (Eagle) at the Museum of Art in Mülheim/R.
2009    First exhibition “pro graphic arts” in the own studio with works by John Waszek and
2010    with works by Joachim Poths and
2011    with works by own students and by colleagues
2013    Printing and publication of the graphic-edition "Lithographie Heute"

Founding member of the art-house-association "Kunsthaus Mülheim e.V.” (2008)
Member of the work- and exhibition community of the artists of Mülheim/Ruhr (since 1971)



1975   „Atelier 41“ with Raphael Kleweta, Mülheim/Ruhr (D
1977   „Produzentengalerie“ with W. Winz, Mülheim/Ruhr           
           „Musikkiste“, Aachen (D)
1978   „Panoptikum“, Mülheim/Ruhr
1979   „Galerie Theehuis“, Eindhoven (NL)
1980   „Bredeneyer Galerie“, Essen (D)
           „Galerie 77“, Duisburg (D)
           „Il Gabbiano“, Florence (Italy)
1981   „Caffè Voltaire“, Florence
1985   „Anziché“, Florence
1989   „Städtische Galerie“, art-museum of the city of Gladbeck (D)
1991   „Associazione Pro Lastra“, with Anna Cassarino, Lastra a Signa (Florence)
1994   „La Soffitta“, Sesto Fiorentino (Florence)
1997   „Haus Schönblick“, Heimbach (i.d. Eifel  -  D)
1998   „Das Lagerhaus“, Mülheim/Ruhr (D)
2008   in the office of the mayor, City Hall, Mülheim/Ruhr
2017   in the House of Culture at Páli (H)
           in the Városi Müvelödési Központ, Csorna (H)
2018   in the CBE (Centrum für bürgerschaftliches Engagement), Mülheim/Ruhr
           in the historical City Hall of Mülheim/Ruhr

Since 1968 numerous exhibition participations in Germany and Italy


photo from Laura Chiaroni